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  • Frequently Asked Question
  • What is mobgidi lottery?
  • How to play?
  • How to win?
  • How to redeem?
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  • I played 7 digits but did not get a response

    Please play again.

  • I did not get a response for the draw

    kindly check for the draw results

  • I got 3 numbers from the draw numbers but did not win anything

    It is possible to have 3 numbers match the draw numbers, however the numbers have to be in the same order presented. Your 3 numbers were not in the same order as the 3 numbers in the draw that is why you did not win.

  • Can you use a debit card to buy a lottery ticket?

    Unfortunately that feature is unavailable, you can only buy lottery tickets via your credit. Once this feature is available you will be notified. Thank you

  • How much is a lottery ticket?

    The lottery ticket pricing ranges. There is N30 daily; N50 weekly; N100 for on demand and N100 per day for VIPs. N30 daily allows the system to play 1 ticket for you, N50 weekly allows the system play a total of 2 tickets in a week, the N100 on demand is for 1 ticket per play and allows you select your numbers while the N100 VIP ensures you get 1 daily lottery ticket at N100 played by the system

  • Do lottery tickets have an expiration date?

    Yes, the lottery tickets only last for 24 hours before the draw time. Each lottery ticket expires 15 minutes before the draw time

  • How late can I buy a lottery ticket?

    You can buy a lottery ticket anytime within a 24 hour cycle. It is advisable however to buy your ticket before 6:45pm.

  • If I buy a lottery ticket after the draw, what does that mean?

    A lottery ticket purchased after a draw means your ticket will count for the next draw at 7pm.

  • How do I win the lotto jackpot?

    You need to match all numbers in the same order as the drawn numbers to win the jackpot

  • How old do you have to be to play the lotto?

    18 years and above

  • Do you have better odds at winning if you play the same numbers for each draw?

    No, you only have a better stake.

  • Will I get taxed if I win the lotto?

    No you would not get taxed. Taxes have been taken into account so your winning is already less tax

  • Where can I find the latest lotto results?

    Go to to view all lottery results

  • Can I play the lotto online?

    Yes you can play the lottery online. Tao play online, visit and sign up to play

  • What happens if no one wins the jackpot?

    The jackpot is rolled over to the next day which will in turn increase the jackpot poll for that day

  • Can I play a lotto game from a different country?

    Unfortunately that feature is not yet available. Once credit card payment system has been implemented, you will be able to play from a different country. Once this has been done, you will be notified

  • My ticket doesn’t have the right numbers, can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately you cannot get a refund for a ticket that has either been played for you or played by you. Lottery is a game of chance and opportunity.

  • What do I do if I lose my lotto ticket?

    Since the lottery is being played electronically, if for any reason you lose the lottery ticket numbers, the game has been played and logged to your account. You can view your tickets played by logging into your account on and retrieve the game played

  • If I win the lotto, can I remain anonymous?

    You can only remain anonymous to an extent. When results are released, your full name and phone number is not revealed to the public and you can chose any of your names to use on the testimonial. However for winnings above certain thresholds according to terms and conditions of the lottery, you cannot remain anonymous for presentation of the cheque.